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Refined Elegance: Large Virgo Zodiac Pendant with Diamonds

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A Virgo woman is known for her meticulous, practical, and analytical nature. Symbolized by the maiden, she embodies qualities of purity, efficiency, and a detail-oriented mindset. A Virgo woman is often highly intelligent and discerning, with a keen eye for detail and a natural inclination towards organization and precision. She is dependable and responsible, making her a trusted friend and partner. Her approach to life is grounded and realistic, yet she also possesses a deep sense of care and a desire to help and improve the world around her. Despite her sometimes reserved exterior, a Virgo woman has a rich inner life, often marked by a thoughtful and introspective nature. Her reliability, sharp mind, and nurturing spirit make her a deeply valued and respected presence in the lives of those she touches.

Meticulously crafted from the finest 14k gold, this Virgo Zodiac pendant is surrounded by a halo of white diamonds totaling 1.10cts.


Astrological Precision: This pendant encapsulates the essence of Virgo, an earth sign noted for its precision, reliability, and efficiency. The maiden symbolizes Virgo's connection with nature, purity, and a nurturing spirit.

Symbol of Diligence and Care: Virgos are known for their meticulous nature, strong intellect, and a desire to serve others. This pendant celebrates these traits, symbolizing the wearer's analytical skills and their innate desire to improve and care for the world around them.

Luxury Craftsmanship: Made with the finest 14k gold, the pendant combines durability with a timeless elegance. Its polished finish mirrors the sophisticated and refined nature of Virgo.

Dazzling Diamond Halo: Surrounding the Virgo symbol is a halo of brilliant white diamonds, totaling 1.10 carats. These diamonds add a touch of understated luxury, reflecting the clarity and purity associated with Virgo.

Prominent Size: Designed to be comparable in size to a quarter, this pendant is a subtle yet powerful statement piece. It's ideal for those who appreciate elegance and wish to express their zodiac identity with sophistication.

An Ideal Gift for Virgos: Elegantly packaged, this pendant is a thoughtful and personal gift for anyone born under the Virgo sign. It's a meaningful representation of their unique astrological traits and qualities.


The Large Virgo Zodiac Pendant with Diamonds is a celebration of the methodical, intelligent, and caring nature of Virgo. It's a piece that not only enhances personal style but also resonates with the core characteristics of the Virgo zodiac sign. Wear this symbol of meticulousness and intellect, and let it be a reminder of your connection to the practical and nurturing energy of Virgo.

14k gold, handmade in Los Angeles.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for production.

“The secret of true prosperity is finding our security through our connection with the divine, with the spiritual world.”

Christopher Penczak