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Model, photographer and candle lover, Sailor Brinkley-Cook’s keen eye for art and passion for the spiritual world led her to Sacred + Divine. As Creative Director, the collection reflects Sailor’s visions and passions of nature, art and alchemy.

Each product at Sacred + Divine is crafted with intention and purpose. Divine intentions flow into the wax of the candles and are released, along with heavenly scents, with the light of the wick. Sacred, alchemical processes occur with the creation of our angel number jewelry, which is made by hand in Los Angeles with 14k recycled gold and responsibly-sourced diamonds. 

In numerology, angel numbers are a repetitive sequence of digits that manifest to convey a divine message. We invite you to elevate your energy with Sacred + Divine.

Sacred + Divine Candles are made from food grade wax with a soy coconut blend. Through traditional extraction methods, like distillation, expression, and extraction, we obtain essential oils, isolates, absolutes and resins from plants and flowers that we then blend into our fragrances at high concentrations to bring you a sacred aromatherapeutic experience.