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Timeless Ambition: Small Capricorn Zodiac Pendant with Diamonds

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A Capricorn woman is characterized by her pragmatism, discipline, and ambitious nature. Symbolized by the sea-goat, she embodies a blend of practicality and resilience. Known for her strong work ethic and determination, a Capricorn woman sets high standards for herself and tirelessly works towards her goals. She values structure, stability, and is often seen as a pillar of strength in her personal and professional circles. Despite her serious demeanor, she possesses a dry wit and a deep sense of loyalty and commitment to her loved ones. Her approach to life is grounded and realistic, yet she is capable of extraordinary perseverance and patience. A Capricorn woman's reliability, strategic thinking, and innate sense of responsibility make her a dependable and influential figure.

Meticulously crafted from the finest 14k gold, this Capricorn pendant is surrounded by a halo of white diamonds totaling 0.45 cts.


Astrological Symbolism: This pendant captures the essence of Capricorn, an earth sign renowned for its methodical approach, reliability, and strong work ethic. The sea-goat represents Capricorn's ability to navigate both emotional depths and the material world with resilience and perseverance.

Symbol of Stability and Achievement: Capricorns are celebrated for their ambitious nature, strategic thinking, and unwavering focus. This pendant reflects these traits, symbolizing the wearer's dedication to their goals and their innate ability to overcome obstacles.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Crafted from premium 14k gold, the pendant is both durable and timelessly elegant. Its polished finish enhances the sophisticated and grounded nature of Capricorn.

Elegant Diamond Halo: A halo of dazzling white diamonds, totaling 0.45 carats, surrounds the Capricorn symbol. These diamonds add a layer of refined luxury, mirroring the Capricorn's appreciation for quality and detail.

Subtle Size: Designed to be comparable in size to a dime, this pendant is a tasteful statement piece. It's ideal for those who wish to express their zodiac identity with pride.

A Perfect Gift for Capricorns: Elegantly packaged, this pendant is an ideal gift for someone born under the Capricorn sign. It's a meaningful symbol of their astrological traits and a testament to their enduring spirit.


The Small Capricorn Zodiac Pendant with Diamonds is a celebration of the disciplined, ambitious, and resilient spirit of Capricorn. It's a piece that not only enhances your personal style but also connects you with the core qualities of your zodiac sign. Wear this symbol of determination and success, and let it be a reminder of your inherent strength and steadfastness.

14k gold, handmade in Los Angeles.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for production.

“The secret of true prosperity is finding our security through our connection with the divine, with the spiritual world.”

Christopher Penczak