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The Inspiration

Since before I can remember I have struggled with anxiety. My anxiety causes me to have trouble staying in the present moment. It also causes me to have trouble believing in my decisions and trusting my choices. When I moved out of my family home to go to college my anxiety became severe. To help ease my anxiety, I was told to go on walks outside without my phone. I was meant to observe my surroundings, focus on my breath and be present in the moment. On these walks I started noticing repetitive numbers. 111, 222, 333, 444… 

Most notably, I saw 1’s everywhere. I never missed an 11:11 AM or PM. I saw 11’s on the sides of buildings, on cabs, at elevators, on T-shirts, on expiration dates. I was baffled at how often I saw these 1’s. I asked a friend why I kept seeing them and she opened my eyes to the concept of angel numbers. 

I learned we all have our own angel numbers sending us the messages we need to hear at the moment. Some of us see 222 often, or 888, or 333, or 111. When I was seeing 1’s everywhere I was starting a new chapter of my life and I was frightened I was doing the wrong things. When I found out that seeing 1111 everywhere was an indicator that you are on the right track I got chills. Receiving that universal message meant the world to me and kept me going through such a new and tumultuous time. 

Seeing these repetitive numbers during times of worry calmed me down in a formidable way. As if some universal force was behind me holding my shoulder telling me it would all be okay and to keep moving forward. We all need something to believe in that’s bigger than us and, for me, the simplicity yet powerful synchronicity of these repetitive numbers brought me that.

Human beings are forces of energy. We can choose to take in positive or negative energy. We can also choose to project positive or negative energy. When I became conscious of these signs from the universe I became more conscious of my internal and external energy. I realized how important my daily rituals were to keeping my energy safe and positively charged. 

There are so many blessings surrounding us and messages being sent to us, but we have to be open to receiving them. We become open by prioritizing self care. Taking care of yourself is the most influential source of goodness in each of our lives. When we take the time to find moments in our day to show our respect and gratitude to the self and the universe, we only become better people to ourselves and others. 

Creating the Sacred + Divine angel number candles was my way to bring a mindful ritual into my every day routine. When life feels confusing and overwhelming I know I can find a moment to light my candle, speak my affirmations and be intentional with my thoughts. My sincerest hope is that these candles remind you to create space in this chaotic life to feel connected to the beauty of the universe and your higher power every day.